• LOGISTICS WAREHOUSES Self-propelled material handlers with hydraulic arms for operations of loading and unloading. Ideal for the handling and moving of bulky and large-volume materials in industrial warehouses. Leggi

  • HANDLING OF HEAVY MATERIALS Heavy metal transporting and scrap sorting Machines designed for sustaining presses, shredders or mills and the collecting of scrap and industrial processing waste. Leggi

  • HYDRAULIC MATERIAL HANDLERS For the collection and handling of materials For over half a century we have been designing and building wheeled warehouse material handlers for the handling, loading, and unloading of bulk materials. Leggi

Solutions for logistics and load handling

Officine Minelli has been designing and realizing self-propelled material handlers for different applications for more than 60 years. Our hydraulic material handlers are used in warehouses for logistics and handling of heavy materials. Our self-propelled material handlers always guarantee highest efficiency and precision for any application field, with the lowest consumption in their class. For any load, our earth moving machines are the best solution in any sector and for any need.


Maximum efficiency

The innovative Load Sensing electronic control system guarantees best-in-class speed and load capacity, enabling faster and more precise work cycles.


Respect for the environment

The patented NOx reduction system allows lower consumption and emissions, without the need for particulate filters.


Easy diagnosis

Thanks to the 7-inch colour screen it is possible to read all the operating parameters.


Low maintenance costs

Our products are realized with easily available components and commonly used fittings. Extended maintenance intervals.


High safety standards

We provide, as standard, a wide range of safety equipment that meets all risk-evaluation standards.



For 60 years we have been offering products made of the best components, custom-designed and durable.

Hydraulic and self-propelled material handlers

Officine Minelli’s hydraulic and self-propelled material handlers stand out for their performance, versatility and reliability. Discover our machinery and their characteristics in detail.

Second-hand self-propelled material handlers

Our second-hand products include a wide choice of machinery of the main brands, controlled, selected and safe.

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