Officine Minelli was founded in the 1950s from the dream of Abele, Renato, Vittorino and Francesco Minelli. In the first period of activity, the company dealt with the construction of metal structures and carpentry for building, also creating the factories and industrial plants of the future Officine Minelli. In the following years, they began to build machinery, material handlers and equipment for agriculture and earth moving machines, culminating in the construction of the first material handler for scrap 

Over the years, the company evolved from the construction of simple agricultural material handlers to the realization of towing machines, agricultural self-propelled vehicles, excavators, warehouse material-handlers and custom-made machinery. This evolution highlights the remarkable entrepreneurial abilities of the Minelli brothers 

The workshop becomes a lab where the machinery is created following the needs of the customers, satisfying all the requests and work needs. In particular, we study solutions suitable for the industrial sectors, bringing modifications to production earth-moving machines with innovative systems that exploit technology to adapt to the needs of the 4.0 Industry. These industrial hydraulic material handlers are ideal for any kind of warehouse and space 

Thanks to the new and stimulating needs of the market, the company has constantly researched the best solutions to the problem of the earth-handling and lifting of materials, scrap and waste, constantly offering more and more modern and high-performance models, using increasingly advanced hydraulic systems and building to ever higher quality criteria 

Officine Minelli, in addition to precision in the building of machinery, is always attentive to customer care, following them in every phase of the commercial process. Customers are always followed, even after the purchase, thanks to a network of maintenance technicians rooted throughout the territory, ensuring prompt intervention in any situation of need

Mission: Logistics and Technology

Officine Minelli is constantly committed to the technological development of the product, to the respect of the environment and of the energy saving, to the improving of the operator’s comfort and to the respect of safety and health of the workers. The objective is to produce machinery that is ecologically compatible, more and more efficient and with the best rate of return, clean, safe and easy to use.